Top 10 Microjob Sites for Freelancers

Microjobs are small, quick tasks that can be completed online for pay. They provide a flexible way for freelancers to earn extra income. Here are 10 of the top micro-job sites:

1. Fiverr - Fiverr is one of the most popular sites for microjobs. Freelancers offer services starting at just $5. Jobs range from graphic design to data entry.

2. Upwork - Upwork has a section dedicated to microjobs called Upwork Tasks. You can find tasks like research, data entry, surveys, and more.

3. Amazon Mechanical Turk - This microjob site from Amazon focuses on tasks that require human intelligence. Common jobs involve data processing, surveys, content moderation, and more. 

4. Clickworker - At Clickworker you can sign up for micro jobs like data entry, writing, translation, editing, transcription, and internet research.

5. RapidWorkers - RapidWorkers connects businesses with freelancers for micro jobs like data entry, administrative tasks, research, and more.

6. Remotasks - Remotasks is a micro job site with tasks like data entry, research, transcription, categorization, and tagging.

7. Picoworkers - Small web tasks like survey completion, SEO optimization, and social media posts are available as micro jobs on Picoworkers. 

8. Task Rabbit - Task Rabbit isn't just microjobs but it offers many quick service tasks in certain cities that users can complete for payment.

9. Streetbees - Streetbees pays users to complete small research tasks and surveys via its app. 

10. Google's Task Mate - This new app from Google focuses on microtasks that can be completed on a smartphone, like transcription or taking photos.

In summary, micro-job sites provide an easy way for freelancers or anyone with some spare time to pick up quick extra income opportunities online. The top sites offer a wide variety of tasks.

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